Intuitive Healing

An Intuitive Healer uses more than the five senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch) to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the client’s body. As important as the five senses are, the sixth sense plays a prominent part in an intuitive healing session. There are different interpretations of what the sixth sense is but can simply be described as extrasensory perception, or ESP. In other words, an intuitive healer can get information about a client that ‘just comes to them’ when they interact, information that can help a client on their healing journey.

So, an intuitive healer makes use of his or her senses and extrasensory perception to determine what type of energy imbalance the client may have.

Intuitive healers have a strong desire to help others and people often come to them with their problems, quite often from a young age. People often comment on how calm they feel in the presence of an intuitive healer and an intuitive healer can feel when energy is disturbed or in harmony, whether it is a place, a person or in any living thing.

Intuitive healers have a deep respect for life.  Intuitive healers are most likely to be intuitive empaths. Intuitive empaths allow their unconscious to send them information or feelings, to reflect on what they see or hear and gives – together with the other information the intuitive empath has about the client. This, along with the skills, experience and training they have acquired grants the intuitive empath healer insights into why the client may be experiencing dis-ease or what may be able to help them on the journey to wellness. This is sometimes called ‘attuning’ to the other person, being receptive and in harmony with them in order to help bring them into alignment. This applies to feelings too.

Sometimes an intuitive empath may have a clearer insight into the feelings of another person than the person does themselves.

When a client can allow themselves to trust these intuitive insights from an intuitive healer, interaction with the healer can trigger the client’s innate ability to heal through the body-mind connection.


Intuitive healing can open up possibilities and can often bring hope and a change of mindset for the client, who is looking for answers and a way forward from where they currently find themselves.  This leads to a very holistic approach to healing. Intuitive healing and intuitive empathy can be applied to any of the healing disciplines and therapies.

We use an intuitive, empathic approach in our clinic. Whatever therapy you choose, we take the time to really listen to you and then to offer therapeutic solutions designed for your optimal health, wellness and happiness. We care about you and our highly professional and deeply caring practitioners will ensure you are taken care of to the best of our abilities.

Our clinic offers a comprehensive approach to affordable healthcare.

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