Look at these adorable little munchkins... they are two of Janie's friends and my fur-friends too. Janie... have you not met her yet? Aaah, she is my little love and you are sure to see here on here very soon... she is my everything.

The positives of being a dog parent are plenty... not least you get to delight in their selfless love and their willingness to make you feel special and adored, consistently. In return, one of their rewards are their daily walks.

Most would agree that a tired dog is a happy dog and when asked, we'd possibly say that we walk our fur babies to make them happy; to ensure their good health and of course burn a few of our own calories in the process. But you know what, it's so much more than that.

A friend of mine talks openly about how the simple act of walking her doggie, lifted her from a deep depression. She goes as far as to say that being in the countryside with her dog companion had rescued her from spiralling dark thoughts. Having read articles on this very subject, I know she is not alone.

A combination of fresh air, her waggy-tailed friend at her side, exploring together come rain or shine... brought real comfort and solace for her. At every doggie pee-break she took the opportunity to take some deep breaths, facing the sun... just being still, for a moment. It's healing... it's so much more than just 'walking the dog'.

If you aren't a dog parent, you could borrow your neighbour's doggie to walk; if they are shielding during this current lockdown, you'll be helping out. Please check the rules and guidelines in your area to be sure.

When you have a dog, you never, ever walk alone.

✨Has your dog companion pulled you through any difficult times? I'd love to know. 💛