Begin with the small changes...

First and foremost, we need to be extra gentle and show compassion and kindness to ourselves. Show yourself this care and attention and you'll be in a super positive position to achieve those 6-months goals, whether they be health, business or relationship related.

1. I'll save the trite advice on getting enough sleep and exercise for another time, as important as that is. However, routinely including gratitude and affirmations to begin your day on a higher vibration will transform your day. If you practice, it very quickly becomes second nature and you'll feel spiritually lighter.

2. Stop with the self-sacrifice and over extending yourself. You already do so much for so many... make YOU a priority.

3. Please cease taking on additional responsibilities. You have more than enough to manage and cope with; you need to factor in YOU time. ♥️

4. Finally, what's with holding your pee? I know there's much to do but your bladder over time will not thank you... and who on earth enjoys a UTI? 😜 But seriously, what affects the body, impacts the mind and vice versa... get yourself to the powder room when your bladder asks you to.

I can help you gain clarity around your mind health and life, more generally. I'd love to hear from you and you can reach me at yvonne@energywithin.co.uk.