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Yvonne removed the blockages... a transformational one hour.  I am very grateful.

Watch the video for the full testimonial.


Yvonne is a wonderful person to know when you are in need of improving your health.  She has a beautiful calm manner, a lot of knowledge and healing hands. 


She has helped me both physically, psychologically and emotionally, enabling me to overcome a difficult time and to heal.


She has also helped a member of my family to strengthen their immune system and overcome recurrent infections.  


I feel safe in her hands. I trust her experience, knowledge and her genuine commitment to your wellbeing. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone.


I had a number of healing sessions with Yvonne. I love how she combines her natural gift as spiritual healer with Reiki healing.


She’s extremely intuitive and kind hearted and she can feel if you have any energy blocks. I remember after my first session, I felt so light, relaxed and happy. I didn’t want it to end.

Yvonne is a gentle warm-hearted soul, she is always there for you and truly want to help and make a difference. She’s a talented intuitive healer who can really help people move forward and get them unstuck. I am blessed to have met her and experienced healing with her.


Thank you, Yvonne, I am so glad to have you as a very special close friend. Wishing you all the success and abundance in the world. You deserve it.


After over six months through life’s challenges, I decided to be kind to myself and arrange a Bars treatment with the lovely Yvonne.

She put me at ease straight away by explaining the process thoroughly and answering my questions to make sure it suited my needs.

The session was roughly one hour although it felt like 20 minutes! I was completely relaxed throughout and felt disconnected from the room.

It felt like a “reboot”, clearing my mind of unnecessary clutter leaving a lovely peaceful feeling behind. I experienced a slight lightheadedness a few hours later but Yvonne had told me of that possibility.

I left the Centre in Slough very serene, thanks to this positive, non-invasive and attentive experience.

Thank you Yvonne.