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Mel was new to distant healing but she was a natural.  


When I received this message via text the following morning, I was reminded why this ...... treatment is so worthwhile and so important to wellbeing.

Visit FAQ's for full details.

£65.00 (plus mileage if over 5 miles travel)

Treatment time:- Approx. 40mins



"Morning Yvonne, 
Last night was the first evening I didn’t have a drink since November. 
Last night I didn’t over eat. 
Last night I slept all night. 
I wasn’t awake between 3 and 5 cleaning the kitchen. 
This morning was first morning in over 6 weeks that I’ve been up for the boys before school with cups of tea and praise. 
Today I’m so happy about the start to my day.

I found the session incredibly powerful. I’ve been trying to think what I could compare it to. Without wanting to sound dramatic, but I have similar feelings about it to the feelings I had after giving birth. Awe at what my body is capable of.

Thank you, Mel 🙏 x" 

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