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Her Mum’s journey after being diagnosed with cancer highlighted to Yvonne the big part that nutrition can play in both recovery as well as prevention of health complications.


One example is that the hospital ward in which her Mum was admitted, was later closed due to a Norovirus outbreak and yet Yvonne and her Mum were unaffected by the virus due to the fact that they were both taking high doses of antioxidants.

Yvonne recognises that there is a greater level of wellbeing, health and vitality that we can all experience if we open our minds to complementary therapies that can support the body’s natural healing capabilities.

Radiance and vitality, which is very different to ‘not being ill’, makes life and our relationships and experiences more vibrant and enjoyable. This zest for life and resilience will, in turn, support future generations through the form of epigenetic tags that are created by our experiences, which means that the children of the future have a better chance at living a remarkable life.

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Untitled design-40.png

For all of these reasons and more, Yvonne invites us to invest in ourselves in building lasting health and vitality by thinking and acting differently.  Not just for our bodies, our minds, our hearts and souls… but for the planet too, and for all the future generations who will live in this blue-green miracle of life, we call Earth.

Yvonne Hutchins has a natural gift for intuitive, empathic healing. She is a Reiki Master and is covered under the CMA, the CHO and the GRCCT.  She has been working as a channel for healing for over 30 years and helped the many to overcome challenges and feel more at peace and connected with themselves and the world around them.

Yvonne also works with nutrition and botanicals to help people on their journey to wellness.  Yvonne has observed the body to be extremely intelligent and how, given the right support, it will endeavour to heal itself.

Call or message Yvonne to book your healing or clean eating programme consultation.
+44 (0)7968 844829-3.png
+44 (0)7968 844829-3.png
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